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Kansas City Landscape Lighting Services

At Natural Accents we create art with light. And we have a passion for what we do. That passion lies in perfecting an outdoor environment in a way that only light can. From every decision made during the landscape lighting design process, to the final adjustment of each fixture, and further down the road to occasional maintenance visits, we appreciate the artistry of light.

We offer the following Landscape Lighting Services:


The design of a night lighting system is the beginning of the artistic process – the foundation, the substance, the putting on paper the vision that helps create outdoor lighting. The technical logistics of a well-engineered system are crucial but the inspiration behind the design and the scene it creates is an art. The value of a well designed lighting system is that it will be beautiful, energy efficient and durable.


Truly, light and nature can equal art.

Owner and principal designer, John Pletcher, has an understanding and appreciation for both, light and nature. His experience stems from a passion for architecture and the landscape and how to enhance both with energy efficient outdoor lighting.

Every Natural Accents lighting process begins with a custom landscape lighting design that implements a multitude of considerations: the style and priorities of the client, the unique characteristics of the space, the intended use and many more. Our designs are thoughtful and comprehensive. Designs show you what to expect and let you communicate your needs to the lighting designer.

Commercial Grade Equipment


Exterior fixtures have to endure the elements of the natural environment 24/7, 365 days a year. The choice of fixtures is very important for the longevity and lasting beauty of your lighting system. At Natural Accents, our outdoor lighting specialists only use commercial grade equipment with a minimum of a ten year manufacturer warranty that is made to withstand the elements and wear and tear over time. The quality far surpasses that of a big box store kit.

Custom Lighting


Unique situations sometimes call for a custom fixture in order to produce the desired effect. This is where our expertise comes into play. Knowing the right fixture, lamp and wattage to achieve your lighting story is what we do. Partnering with local, high-quality, creative metal fabrication company, Machine Head, we offer uniquely beautiful, custom-built bollards and path lights to further embellish your property. They are truly art pieces in and of themselves.


lighting-installationUpon acceptance of the design and proposal, the residential lighting installation process begins. The lighting technicians at Natural Accents are skilled and meticulous in their adherence to the highest industry standards. The pride and experience that goes into each Natural Accents installation is unmatched. Upon completion of the installation, each lighting system is correctly adjusted and project documents are given to the client.


lighting-maintenanceEvery system needs occasional maintenance. Maintenance is crucial to sustaining an efficient and fully functional lighting system. We schedule and conduct regular visits and audits to ensure your system is functioning at its peak and your enjoyment of your Natural Accents system never dims.


Our extensive training and experience enable us to accurately diagnose and repair most existing low voltage lighting systems even if we did not install them. Whether the problem is a cut wire or a bad transformer, our expert technicians can quickly have your system up and operating dependably.