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Professional Installation is the 3rd Component of a Quality Lighting System

At Natural Accents Lighting Design we believe the third component to a high quality exterior lighting system is a professional lighting installation. No matter how creative the lighting design is or how well it meets your needs and no matter how superior the lighting equipment used, your lighting system will not function properly if it is not installed correctly. Proper lighting installation will assure that your outdoor lighting system will operate correctly for many years to come, (just like professional grade fixtures do).

Proper lighting installation is the part of an exterior lighting system that is mostly not seen. Part of it is the wiring and fixture connections that you should never have to think or worry about after the installation is complete. It is also the part that is so frustrating if your lighting system is not working. It requires planning and execution and voltage drop calculations, (even when using LED fixtures and lamps). Effective installation planning will ensure that each fixture is getting the proper voltage for optimal lighting effect, energy efficiency and system longevity.

At Natural Accents Lighting Design, our lighting technicians only do exterior lighting installation. They are continually trained on new products, procedures and services. Our design department only does lighting design. We make sure all the particulars of a lighting design are met before we come to your home or business to install your own custom exterior lighting system.

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