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Lighting Maintenance is the 4th Component of a Quality Lighting System

At Natural Accents Lighting Design, we believe the fourth component to a high quality exterior lighting system is lighting maintenance. An exterior lighting system is exposed to the natural environment twenty four hours a day, seven days of the week. Like any thing that is in an exterior environment, some regular maintenance is a must.

A lighting maintenance should include checking for any damage that may have been caused by weather conditions or damage that may have been done when other work in the landscape gardens was done. The system should be checked for warranty issues and fixture lamps that may not be working. Individual fixtures may also have to be relocated to accommodate landscape growth. Low voltage transformers should be checked to make sure all wire lugs are tight and free of insect damage. Lighting wire should also be reburied and checked for damage if exposed. A maintenance should also include a revisit after dark to make sure the original design intent is still being met. A readjustment of the entire lighting system may be needed to achieve this.

Please contact Natural Accents Lighting Design if you are not on our landscape maintenance list or have a lighting system not designed and installed by us that may need maintenance.

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