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A Lighting Design is the 1st Component of a Quality Lighting System

At Natural Accents Lighting Design we believe the first component to a high quality exterior lighting system is a good exterior lighting design. This will determine the outcome of the entire look of what is being illuminated. It will determine if your architecture is pleasing to look at or a washed out glare. It will also determine if your landscape gardens are inviting and comfortable to look at and be in, or appear flat and uninteresting.

The importance and results of a good exterior lighting design are seen in the finished lighting system as seen below.

trees with grass and rock bed

When a client contacts us, we collect as much information about their lighting needs as necessary and incorporate them into the development of their lighting design. It is important to us that your information is included in your lighting design.

Natural Accents lighting systems can be installed in phases and in accordance with your budget. Our lighting designs lend themselves to a time phased installation process.

If you are considering either a small or large exterior lighting project, please feel free to contact us at the following link and we will be happy to meet with you.

Contact us by email or by phone 816-407-1300.

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