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In All Things Of Nature There Is Something Of The Marvelous

These days, our homes are a sanctuary to be appreciated more than ever. The spaces that surround us and the natural elements should bring peace and inspire sharing with family and friends. 

Many of us have fond memories of the yards and houses we grew up in. This writer will forever remember the peony bushes growing against the side of the house beside my bedroom and the years of pool parties. I remember what the house looked like at night, lit to welcome me home.  

Creating a lighting design that enhances the beauty of nature and the landscape can transform an area into an inviting oasis. Allow us to meet with you to discuss what inspires you and how we can help design your ideal outdoor lighting style.  


Summer this year will be a bit different but perhaps it's an opportunity to find more connection. There are memories to be made and stories to be shared on our patios. Enjoy life!  



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