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Why Light?

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Why Light?

Of course, safety and security are 2 major reasons why many people choose to add exterior lighting to their home and property.  Good lighting is both a deterrent to crime and promotes safety while moving around your property at night.  But, there is a more compelling, more emotional reason for adding well designed landscape lighting to your residence.

  We put a lot of expense and effort into our homes, landscapes and outdoor living areas. Those are the places where we find rest, enjoy socializing and luxuriate in the comfort of home.  Being in, even looking out into nature, rejuvenates and calms us.  For many of us, however, by the time we get home from work, have dinner, take care of children and chores and finally have time to relax it is already dark outside.   Artistically designed lighting allows us to enjoy the benefits of the natural environment at any time and in new and provocative ways.
  The way the shadows of the tree leaves dance in the wind, the colors of the plants and flowers that are more subtle and inviting in the warm glow of night lighting, the feeling of being around a cozy campfire in the middle of your patio, all create a mood that has a different, more alluring quality than during the daytime.  Obnoxious floodlights can provide the safety and security we are looking for.  But an outdoor scene that inspires us with the beauty of nature is the magic that we aspire to create with our lighting systems. 
 Outdoor lighting is an art form that we are passionate about.  Anyone can throw up a few path lights and spotlights.  But to create a lighting story that inspires the feeling we long for when we look to nature requires an experienced and highly skilled designer.  At Natural Accents, we have the training, experience and desire to be that designer.

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