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Why LED loves cold weather


 If you've heard people talk about LED lights, you may have heard things such as, “Cool to the touch”, “Extremely long lifetime”, or “LEDs love cold weather.” All of these phrases describe the great attributes LEDs have to offer; they also describe why LEDs love and work well in cold weather. Unlike outdoor halogen bulbs that take time to warm up and turn on, outdoor LED lights thrive in cool environments. Here's why!


To understand why LEDs work so well outside, we must first take a look at the pitfalls in halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs work when an electric current is sent down a filament, which is usually made of thin, tungsten metal. Yet the filament must be heated to glow and emit light. This is why halogen bulbs are so hot to the touch. The filament must maintain the heat to keep emitting light. The mass majority of energy halogen lights use simply goes into creating heat, leaving only 5 to 10 percent of the energy to be converted into actual light.

Where halogen lights do well in warmer environments, LEDs excel in both warm and cold weather. Outdoor LED lights work well in winter weather due to their unique heat sink design. The diodes in LED bulbs do become hot, but the heat is redirected to the heat sink. The heat is pulled from the diode because, while the diode may be warm, LEDs do not require heat to turn on and stay on. In fact, 90 percent of the energy LEDs use creates light, leaving only 10 percent that creates heat.

LEDs also use quite a bit less wattage leaving room on your transformer to grow your system. You may just start out wanting some accents on your home, or possibly just one area of your home. More times than not our clients end up wanting their whole home or outdoor living space lit after they see the difference the lighting design makes. We want the best quality lighting system for you and your home. Call us today to make an appointment. 816-407-1300

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