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Squirrels can be a real hazard for lighting systems

 One of the natural hazards of the outdoors is wildlife. More specifically, Squirrels. They build their nests in your trees, attics, and other nearby safe havens. They are fun to watch running around chasing each other out in the yard and living their best life. However, a side effect of their existence is their love for chewing through wires. They chew on various materials to keep their continually growing teeth filed. With a low voltage lighting system in your yard, this can be problematic. There are some solutions you can implement to prevent them from damaging your lines. My favorites are hot pepper spray, rodent tape, conduit, or live traps with relocation. 


For a quick fix, hot pepper spray is ideal. It will wash away with the rain and other natural weather elements so keep it handy on your back porch to walk about and spray regularly. For a more long term solution rodent tape would be my number 1 suggestion. It has hot pepper inside the plastic. You can order this on amazon. Conduit is another long term fix, however, you can't have it everywhere and it does leave bits of wire still exposed. Then there is the live trap method. It is effective but a hassle. If you have the time this solution could work for you. If all else fails and the squirrels can't be conquered, give us a call and we will come and repair the damage.

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