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Shining Light on the Myths and Facts about LEDs

For years LEDs have been a curious development in lighting. There are many myths surrounding these lamps, so here are the facts on two of the most common LED lighting myths. For starters, many people believe that LED lighting is strictly “white light”. This is an unfortunate misconception as LED lighting has progressed over the years to now offer you an entire spectrum of hues for your home and landscape lighting. Another unfortunate misunderstanding regarding LED lighting is that it is expensive compared to more traditional halogen lamps. While the initial cost of an LED lamp may initially be higher than its cheaper counterpart, it's important to remember that halogen lamps have a much shorter life expectancy and use far more power. Your Outdoor and Landscape lighting is an investment, so why not make the safe decision? Natural Accents has been installing, maintaining, and retrofitting systems for 17 years in Kansas City and the surrounding area; take a look at our services to see how we can help your home and landscape. 

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