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LEDs: Your Energy Saving Solution

 An outdoor lighting design and installation is essential to achieving your home and landscape's ideal aesthetic. In the past, Halogen fixtures were a cornerstone for achieving those results. With advances in lighting design you can now harness the power of LED fixtures! LED is a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Halogen fixtures. LED fixtures only use a fraction of the energy used by traditional lamps, saving you money without sacrificing light output. If this wasn't appealing enough, now you can control your LEDs remotely from your mobile device. Everything from the fixture's color to its brightness can be controlled with the FX Luxor System. Even if you aren't in the market for a new lighting system, ask us about Retrofitting. Retrofitting is a process where our professional technicians can simply replace your Halogen lamps with LED. Quick, easy, and practical. With our award winning designs and professional lighting technicians, Natural Accents is the leading choice for your lighting and design needs. 

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