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Keep Your Lights Shining Bright

Now that we're entering the summer months, our summer projects are quickly underway. Mulching, planting, mowing, and weeding your landscaping makes your property look and feel amazing, but it can take its toll on your outdoor lighting fixtures. Dirt, grass, and insects can affect the clarity of your outdoor and landscape lighting. Your lighting system will thank you for a little TLC by shining bright all summer long. Consider walking your system during the daylight hours and wipe out the lens cap with a small amount of glass cleaner. For taller fixtures that may be prone to cobwebs consider investing in a cobweb brush and simply spot brush your fixtures to keep from unsightly nests forming. And of course, we at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design are always here to help. Call and schedule a maintenance and our technicians will do the work for you! Happy summer to you and your family from all of us here at Natural Accents.


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