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Fall Exterior Lighting Design is upon us


With holidays, family gatherings, parties, and picturesque weather, fall is the perfect time for homeowners to update their exterior lighting systems. The leaves, rain, and snow that make fall a vivid and aesthetically pleasing season but can also damage your exterior lighting system and prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space as intended. As the seasons change and you prepare your home for fall, make sure that your exterior lighting system is ready for everything that the season has to offer.


Light Up The Dark – As the days grow darker, your exterior lighting system should be reprogramed for the fall season. If your lighting system has a timer, make sure that you update the hours when it will be turned on and turned off. Unless you have one of our new digital timers. It will update automatically. If not, we will do this for you with scheduled maintenance.

Use Celebratory Accents – Many homeowners use pumpkins, wood, hay bales and leaves to decorate their homes during the fall, these accents can also enhance the look and feel of your exterior lighting system. If you're looking for festive accents that can enhance your home's curb appeal, try using traditional fall decorations in a new or creative way. Placing pumpkins near walking paths to light the way to your home and a wreath made of fallen leaves can be a brilliant addition for your front door.

Improve Security Lighting – As the seasons change, make sure that your home is protected from vandals and thieves. With a well maintained system, your lighting will detour looters and help protect your castle. Working systems enhance the beauty of your home and stop potential criminals from trying to break in. With Halloween around the corner, well-lit pathways are nice for the children coming and going as well.

Do you need a professional designer to come evaluate your system or dream you up a new one? Natural Accents Lighting Design has been serving the Kansas City area homeowners for more than 17 years. We'd be happy to work with you too. Call today to schedule your maintenance or a first appointment. We'd love to make sure you are Fall ready.

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