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New Zone/Dimming Outdoor Lighting Systems Give You Complete Control and Options

New Zone/Dimming Outdoor Lighting Systems give you complete control and lots of options
With all of the technological advances occurring in exterior lighting, the option of zone/dimming your system may be the most exciting yet. LED Lighting has created energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and increased the longevity of lighting systems. Now with the zone/dimming option for LED lighting you can have more control of when, how many and how brightly your fixtures will be when in use.
Zone/dimming is now an option on all the new systems we design.  Each fixture can be programmed with a group number.  After that the possibilities are endless. Usually you will want to have all of the lighting come on at dusk. You may then want your rear lighting to turn off at midnight but have the front lighting stay on all night. This is no problem with a zone/dimming system. Or you may want a certain part of your system to dim down to 50% brightness at a certain time of the night. All possible with zone/dimming. We program the system to do exactly what you want and when you want it to happen.  You can change the program to adjust to your needs during different seasons of the year and experiment with different effects.  There is also an option to control all the programming from your smartphone for the gadget geek in all of us.
Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design has designed, installed and maintained multiple zone/dimming systems as well as traditional LED landscape lighting systems. We are Kansas City's premier exterior lighting company. Call or email us today for an appointment with our principle designer and see your world illuminated.

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