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Security & Peace of Mind

Keep Your Outdoor Space Safe

lighting-for-safety Outdoor lighting not only enhances the beauty of your home but provides the safety to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces in the evening. Good lighting allows you and your guests to navigate pathways and stairs without the obnoxious glare of flood lights. Areas are warmly lit while the light sources are carefully hidden. Our low voltage systems are also much safer than traditional line voltage.

Deter Unwanted "Guests"


Security is another important benefit of outdoor lighting. At Natural Accents we understand that brightly lighting some areas while leaving others dark only creates darker shadows that someone could hide in. We strive to achieve uniform, soft lighting that will encourage those with ill intent to move on to the next house.

Comes On and Off Automatically

Our transformers are equipped with digital timers that turn your lighting system on at dusk, automatically adjusting for daylight savings time and change of seasons, and turn it off at the time you specify. This user friendly system provides carefree enjoyment of your lighting year round.